Taking good care of your body has never been so trendy. Everyone who thinks a healthy lifestyle is important is involved in it in a different way, but the similarities are mainly: healthy eating and exercising. Are you one of them? You probably no longer see the forest for the trees in all the information about food, diets and sports. At BE Fresh, we are convinced that it is not about dieting, but about the balance between nutritious food and slightly less healthy food. Especially adopting a healthy lifestyle that helps you to stay fit and vital. It is important that the lifestyle suits you, only then it will not cost you any effort.

We have investigated and will regularly discuss a different lifestyle. This time we dived into the world of a keto lifestyle. Keto is based on low-carbohydrate and is aimed at the energy burning of the body. It is also very important to get enough fruit and vegetables and as little sugar and bad fats as possible. The Keto Lifestyle plays a role in this, in this lifestyle the body learns to replace glucose as the main source of energy and burn fats as fuel instead. But what is the purpose of this lifestyle? I was curious and started doing research. Are you curious? Get to know the keto lifestyle by reading on!

What is a Keto Lifestyle?

Keto is quite simple, you eat fats to burn fats. The basic idea of this lifestyle is that it teaches our body to replace glucose as its main source of energy and burn fats for fuel instead. Sounds very logical, healthy and easy to switch to. But there is more behind this, because you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates, but you can eat proteins, fat and vegetables. Often people switch to this lifestyle to take good care of their health.

When you are in Ketosis, your body provides just enough carbohydrates OR you eat nothing for longer periods so that it has to switch to fat burning for its own energy supply. As it were, you transform from a sugar burner into a fat burner. You will also notice that you are much less hungry and that one day you no longer think about food.

The purpose of this lifestyle

With the Keto Lifestyle you burn fats, people choose this because they want to lose weight, for example, but people also do it for their health, there are many more reasons and goals that people set. The goal is very different from person to person.

Common goals include;

  • For more energy
  • In case of (Chronic) illness
  • Your general health
  • For fat burning

The advantages of this are;

  • Faster weight loss
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Lower insulin levels and blood sugar levels
  • Better brain function
  • Better overall health

What remains very important?

When I think about what is important during a healthy lifestyle, I first think of eating vegetables and fruit. But fat is very important within the Keto Lifestyle because it has a lot of benefits and plays a crucial role. Fat helps during cold periods, fat is a physiological buffer to prevent bone fractures, in short, fat helps you survive. Most foods are richer in omega-6 fats or omega-3 fats, with the keto lifestyle the omega-3 fats are important. These fats are in; fish, flax seed, chia seed and walnuts. But you also still need omega-6 fats, for example to activate the immune system, which makes your body more resistant to inflammation, which is why the nuts are often mixed so that you get some of the fats from both but it remains healthy.


Delicious recipes. Totally in the Keto Lifestyle!

Ok, you will think, now what? How do I put a Keto lifestyle into practice? Don’t think it is complicated, just try any Keto daily menu. Who knows, this lifestyle might suit you to be and feel fit and strong!

Fun facts about the Keto Lifestyle:

Did you know that...

  • The Atikins Lifestyle is the precursor to the Keto Lifestyle?
  • If you have type 1 or 2 diabetes, ketogenic food is recommended? Then a Keto Lifestyle can be the ideal solution.
  • Keto is sugar free, gluten free and lactose free!? So ideal for everyone! ????


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