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VIDEO | Oysters like you've never tasted before by Koppert Cress!

Oysters, for some a delicacy, for others a sip of seawater. It should taste better than that was the thought of Koppert Cress. That's why they came up with the vegetarian oyster. Combine 3 of their products together in 1 bite and you come very close to the taste of an oyster, only with a crunchy texture instead of the slimy stuff. The combination of a Salty Finger, Oyster Leaf and a Blinq Blossem makes this salty snack. Apart from the fact that the taste is good, it also looks beautiful, don't you think? Try it yourself or have your customers try it!

VIDEO | New & Well known products from Koppert Cress


In this video we visited one of our local partners: Koppert Cress! They are known for, as the name suggests, their cresses. They produce lots of varieties and keep on innovating to create new products. During our visit we stood still by the well known Purple Shiso, a cress with a cumin-like taste. We also got to taste one of Koppert Cress it's new product: Sansho leaves! Small leaves with a citrus taste. A product with a lot of potential!


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