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Ranging from a red chili to one of the hottest peppers around, Westland Peppers has it!

Westland Peppers is a family business that has been a partner since the beginning of BE Fresh Produce. It's located nearby Be Fresh. It had been a while so it was time to visit them again. Westland Peppers is specialized in growing all kinds of (hot) peppers. This ranges from the mild varieties to the famous Carolina Reaper. Many of their peppers go to countries nearby such as Germany, Belgium, England and Scandinavia. We try to spread these quality peppers further around the world so that everyone can try these hot peppers!


Where do our sea vegetables come from? We looked into it!

The popularity of sea vegetables has been growing for several years now. These beautiful products are increasingly found in supermarkets and in recipes. And with good reason! There are plenty of different sea vegetables so there is always one that fits a recipe. The salty taste and texture provides a distinct flavor experience that you can' t compare with other products. Since many of the sea vegetables we sell come from the Netherlands itself, we went looking for these salty ingredients. Our supplier Elenbaas took us there!


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