Yellow frisée is extremely popular among our customers, thousands of packages are shipped to 26 different countries every week. Why is yellow frisée that popular? Interviews with our supplier, customer and online research have resulted in fun and interesting facts and we are more than happy to share these with you.

Frisée is not lettuce

The remarkable frisée is recognizable by its open yellow heart and the curly green leaves. Not everyone knows that frisée actually does not belong to the types of lettuce because it is an endive type. Only the taste of frisée is more bitter than regular endive.

Special cultivation technique

Because the crop is covered on the land it gets that beautiful yellow colour and the bitter taste almost completely disappears. This gives yellow frisée character, colour and a slightly bitter taste to a salad.

Surprising nutritional values

Because yellow frisée is not a lettuce, but an endive variety, the nutritional values of this curly endive are also a lot more interesting. Endive contains various plant compounds, including lactucopicrin and kaempferol. These are bitter substances that, among other things, provide the typical endive taste, but also keep our heart healthy and help the liver in detoxification processes.
Scientists have discovered more than 40 different types of polyphenols in endive, which have a powerful antioxidant effect, they can inhibit inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. *

What is the similarity of frisée and pizza dough?

According to blogger Marjan Ippel of Talkin'Food **, the slightly bitter sour taste of frisée goes very well with trendy dishes at any time of the day. And frisée can also be varied well in summer and winter. In the summer you could add pieces of fruit to the frisée lettuce, such as apple, strawberry, papaya, pears and serve this fresh salad with a sweet dressing. In winter it is wonderful to make a frisée salad with warm bacon, goat cheese and walnuts. You can actually compare fresh frisée with pizza dough, but then much healthier though. You can combine the frisée endless to your own taste or the time of the day. Super versatile!

Available all year round

Yellow frisée is beautiful and unique because of its golden colour, fine leaves and quirky appearance, but the main advantage is that yellow frisée is available all year round. This leafy vegetable is an ideal product especially for chefs who want to be sure of delivery.

In which kitchens the yellow frisée is used?

The haute cuisine and star restaurants love yellow frisée for its taste, versatility and reliability of delivery.

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You (probably) did not know this about yellow frisée - curly endive You (probably) did not know this about yellow frisée - curly endive You (probably) did not know this about yellow frisée - curly endive