Vegan is an increasingly popular lifestyle, according to which an estimated 75 million of the world's population lives. Others are curious and there are those who don't want to know about it. There are many questions, but also many misunderstandings about being Vegan. Did you knew that November 1 is the perfect day to learn more about a vegan lifestyle? During World Vegan Day, seminars, debates and workshops are organized. Perfect moment to ask your burning question.

10 Biggest misconceptions about Veganism

A good moment to explain veganism briefly. There is a lot to read about online, but in short: veganism is a way of life that strives to avoid the use of animal products.

To clear up some misunderstandings, the British chewing gum brand ChewsyGum ( has conducted research among 4,000 meat eaters. As a critic of a vegan lifestyle it's certainly interesting to check these 10 biggest misunderstandings. You probably recognize them from your own mindset. The percentages behind the quotes indicate how many of the respondents agreed per quote.

  1. Vegan living does not save the planet (77%)
  2. Vegan life is expensive (72%)
  3. Vegans cannot eat bread (68%)
  4. Vegans can eat honey (65%)
  5. Vegans are not healthy (61%)
  6. It's hard to go vegan (50%)
  7. Many vegans pretend to live a vegan lifestyle to appear good (35%)
  8. Vegans eat less than meat eaters (34%)
  9. Vegans have a sense of superiority (24%)
  10. Being vegan is an easy / fast way to lose weight (22%)

Veganism is hot!

The image of vegans has been dusty for a long time, but for a few years now nothing has been left of this old-fashioned image. A lot of restaurants have vegan dishes on the menu and more and more vegan restaurants have been opened in recent years. What is the reason for this popularity?

A growing number of people are becoming aware of their own health, saving the environment or animal suffering. There is a lot to read about online and a lot of scientific research has already been done. Below you can read briefly about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

DO NOT READ FURTHER if you don't want to feel better about yourself.

Health benefits of vegans

1. Prevent common illnesses
Common illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease are preventable and curable through a vegan lifestyle. Animal fat has been linked to cardiovascular disease because the cholesterol levels in your blood can clog your arteries. Plant-based food is full of good nutrients that provide a natural shield that helps protect you against nasty diseases. This makes your body healthier and stronger

2. You stay slim
Our diet often consists of products that are processed or consist of saturated fat. As a result, many young people and adults are overweight. With plant foods you automatically lose body weight, without eating less, but eating differently.

3. More energy
When there is too much fat in your bloodstream, it ensures that your veins do not open wide and therefore your muscles do not get enough oxygen. Result: you are more tired. Grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables contain complex carbohydrates that provide your body with the fuel you need during the day, resulting in the right energy!

4. In addition, a vegan lifestyle helps with better bowel movements, you reduce the risk of food poisoning and you live longer.

Save the environment

A better environment starts with yourself! Because it is so normal to eat a piece of meat, we hardly ever think about what went into producing it. There are many figures and statistics available that show that the production of meat is extremely polluting for the environment. Global warming is directly related to the consumption of animal products, livestock farming is responsible for the largest emission of greenhouse gases such as methane and CO2, which is 18% of the total. But also think of the water that is used to produce a piece of beef. Someone can shower for 1 month from the water used to produce this. By eating plant-based you can make a contribution to a better environment.

Save animal suffering

Another reason for becoming a vegan can be animal suffering. There are a lot of videos that show how our animals are handled that are purely intended for the food industry. This deters people from eating another piece of meat. Worldwide, 10 billion animals are slaughtered for consumption. First they are sprayed with antibiotics and pesticides, chemicals that you also ingest when eating a piece of meat. And these animals serving the industry will have little or no freedom throughout their lives. This has an effect on our emotion. As a result, more and more people are abandoning the meat. Do you think about it before you get that nice piece of steak on your plate?

How do you feel about veganism now, after reading this information? Are you still skeptical? Or do you also see benefits? Awareness is already important. What is important to you from this post? Every little step helps!

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