A normal head of lettuce weighs 300 grams. What is the reason that the weight of a head of lettuce drops to 220 to 230 grams at certain times of the year? We hear this questions on a regular basis. The answer to this question has everything to do with the big, yellow sun and our nature.

Less sun light, less weight

The lettuce is grown in greenhouses, in spring and autumn. Because there are fewer hours of sunshine at this time of the year in the Netherlands, the crop receive less light and therefore growth is a bit slower. It takes 8 to 10 weeks before harvesting. The weight is then between 220 and 230 grams. "Why don't you let the heads grow in the greenhouse any longer?"; would be a logical question. The answer to this question is that this will jeopardize the quality and shelflife of the lettuce. Because there is less light, you will get weaker leaves and possible rot.

More sun light, better weight

In the summer, from week 20 to week 45, lettuce is grown outside on the field. The leaves become firmer because in the Netherlands there is longer and more sunlight in summer than in spring and autumn. This allows the heads of lettuce to be harvested in 5 to 6 weeks and weigh an average of 300 grams. But if it rains a lot during this period, the weights of the lettuce heads are much lower.  Why? For exactly the same reason as growing lettuce in the spring and autumn. There is less light, which means that the lettuce grows slower. The lettuce must be harvested to maintain the quality.

Love for Lettuce

Every day, all year round, our growers work with passion, love and care to maintain the quality of the lettuce varieties by using the right raw materials, nutrition and crop protection. Always quality over quantity.

Did you know that red lettuce grows slower than the green varieties? Bionda is the fastest grower and therefore has the most fluctuations in weight.