It has been quite a long time ago, but finally we could make an international business trip again! Jorran and I made a visit to one of our top herbs (in pot) supplier in Belgium. A very interesting and innovative company with organic products.

Discover and show guts!

In the meantime Vegobel-Herbio has become a big name in the retail world. Long time ago the Lauwer brothers started with growing lettuce, but couldn’t explore and develop themselves enough. They found out that Scandinavian people were quite innovative with herbs in pot and were keen on of gaining knowledge. With their wish for exploring in mind the Lauwer brothers decided to accept the challenge and to go for it completely.

It not only meant growing the product itself, but also spending a lot of time on selling the product what was quite challenging as the product was completely new and not on the market yet. After a period of hard work and a lot of enthusiastic conversations with potential customers their dream came true! In the following years the company kept on growing and developing rapidly. 

Unique product range 

Next to the regular herbs like basil, chives and coriander both Vegobel and Herbio are specialized in growing novelties, which is very interesting for gastronomy. Varieties with a special and funny taste to create a true taste experience on the plate, think of:
  • Cola herbs, goes very well in cocktails
  • Mint varieties like liquorice, chocolate and strawberry
  • The upcoming Lemon Verbena
  • Sweet and aniseed varieties for desserts, such as honey verbena, stevia and licorice herb.
  • But also think of Mushroom herb, olive herb, mustard leaves, peruvian mint, shiso etc. 
All the time experiments like this are extending and becoming more and more interesting for gastronomy purposes.


In a large greenhouses the ideal climate circumstances are created for growing the herbs all year round, to have them available all year round.

100% organic without pesticides

The whole crop is grown 100% organic. That means pesticides or other unnatural substances or techniques are not welcome at Vegobel and Herbio. A lot of attention is paid to the growing process continuously to maintain the best quality. As an example, in the pots potting soil and organic fertilizer is used. On the one hand it means the growing process is about 2 months average from seed to plant, which is longer than normal, but on the other hand the benefits are more aroma’s and a richer taste in the end and that’s what really counts! 

Environmental friendly herbs 

Next to the contribution for a healthier body growing herbs like this also is beneficial for a sustainable and healthy world as no energy or water is spoiled. They use a closed water circuit and the temperature of the generation of energy is re-used. Not only during the growing process the environment is taken into account, but also packing material plays a role in this as biodegradable are used for sleeves, paper sleeves and pots made entirely from recycled material.

You will certainly understand all these characteristics suit very well to a partnership with BE Fresh. Curious for the regular or really unique available varieties? Please find an impression below:

 kruiden 1

kruiden 2

kruiden 3

kruiden 4

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