The day of love: Valentine's Day, is near. Everyone knows having some food with your valentine is always a good idea. Are you planning on going to a restaurant, or cooking together? Please read this blog, because you can learn about aphrodisiac food. Especially useful for Valentine's Day, or any other special evening :).

How can specific (certain) food increase your hormone level?

In other words: how can you get “in the mood” by food? There might be some substances in your food that are aphrodisiac. If your food does contain these substances, you call the entire product aphrodisiac. This is a nutrient or spice which increases your hormone level which stimulates you.

A lot of research has been done in recent decades: what food gives these substances? A lot of things have been discovered in the last couple of years, but a lot of things seem like they don’t work. The tricky part of all this is that we are not capable of proving that this is truly the case.

What kind of food should I be thinking about?

There are all kinds of food that contain a bit of aphrodisiac nutrients. These kinds can be vegetables, fruit or spices. None of this information is a statement, but it is deeply researched.

Spices play an important role, such as savory herbs. Aphrodisiac plays a roll in this herb, which we can see in the goats in Japan. The goats are located on the mountain in the winter, and located down the mountain during the summer. Savory grows on top of the mountain. Since the goats are located there during the wintertime, the goats eat savory during the winter and give birth to more lambs as well, which makes savory a good example of a spice that gives a feeling of happiness!

The smell is also important in terms of aphrodisiacs, especially with spices. The smell could get you and your valentine closer together, so a nice smell is a must.

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We also have food that is stated to bring a feeling of happiness, like garlic. This however, has never been proven.

Strawberries are very popular, especially during Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t it be nice to dip strawberries in chocolate with your valentine? It's stated that strawberries contribute to neurophysiological processes. It is also said that honey has a aphrodisiac effect. When the herbs start to flower, bees use them to make honey. Honey creates a feeling of happiness, because honey is created by a natural blossoming.

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Is a feeling of happiness taken for granted because of this?

No, it's not taken for granted that when you eat honey, you get more in the mood. You need to have a good bond between you and your valentine. There is no point in eating a lot of honey or strawberries, if there wasn’t a spark between you and your valentine in the first place. That is why it is a combination of substances that increases your hormone level, and if this works, self-stimulation. In this case, it is a vegetable origin.

A lovely menu for you and your valentine

During the conversation interview with our supplier in and partner of herbs, I received some recipes. These recipes contain nutrients that are aphrodisiac. If there is a spark between you and your valentine, you should definitely try these!

You could make figs and bay leaves combined with a cheese platter. An opened fig is the symbol of the feminine genital area.

Asparagus make a great main course. Asparagus contain folic acid which increases the histamine production which gives you a feeling of happiness more quickly.

Strawberries are a great option for your dessert. You could also add mint to it, or marinate the mint with a sabayon for example, which you can make with basil or rosemary.

I hope I have given you enough inspiration to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

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