Everyone knows the red beetroot. You most probably have eaten it as a stew, as thin sliced carpaccio, in a salad … or even have drunk it as juice.
Did you know beetroot is there in many varieties and colours? Chioggia, forono beetroot, collard green leaves, sugar beet, white beet and yellow beet. The yellow, or golden beetroot, is getting more and more popular. Would you like to know why? I have worked it out for you, will you join me reading it?


When comparing the nutritional values between the yellow and red beetroot, we see a lot of similarities. Not only for the levels of carbs, fat and protein, but also for potassium, a mineral that has the capacity to reduce our blood pressure.

Because of the source of fibers, protein and iron beetroot is great for detoxing our liver and purifying our blood. Long time ago the Romans used beetroot already as medicine against fever. It could be the reason why both red- and yellow beetroot juice is so popular nowadays. The juice improves our general resistance and oxygen uptake in the cells of the body.

Beetroots relatively contains much vitamin C, contributing a good general resistance and a strong immune system. Nice to know; only one beetroot alone contains 37% of the Recommended Daily Allowance for folic acid.

Barely any fat is present in a beetroot, and the little sugar that is present is not doing any harm as because of the amount of fibers the sugar uptake in the blood is slowing down. The proteins are the most important components for the health and this helps to manage the bodyweight as this keeps the saturated feeling alive.

Exactly the reason why beetroot is considered as powerfood in the USA.

Improving sportachievements with beetroot?

Remarkable Is the nitrate content present, this is often seen in root vegetables. Athletes are convinced the yellow beetroot juice is a booster for sports performance. Scientific research indeed confirms that the average speed of an athlete increased with 5% after eating beetroot. Wow!

What exactly is the difference?

If the healthbenefits are equally the same, why would you prefer the yellow beetroot above the red? 
  • Yellow is sweeter and has less ‘earth taste’ comparing to the red variety. 
  • The most important nutritional difference is the difference in pigment.
  • Your hands are not turning red with cleaning and preparing the beetroot!
That’s it! It is mainly a matter of taste and looks creating the difference between the colours. When you are up to a colourful salad then you should use both colours. 

Tip of the chef! Beets are an excellent combination with fish dishes.

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