Every day pallets full of fresh fruits and vegetables arrive at our warehouse. These are immediately sorted, counted, checked  and put away in the right place under the right conditions. We are in constant contact with our growers about their products and the quality. They always try to provide us with their best products. However, fruits and vegetables are natural products and anything can happen during transport. Therefore we have our own QC-Team that conduct decent quality checks on the incoming products! But how does this work?



After the order is placed by our partners, our colleagues immediately go to work buying the required products. Our suppliers and growers prepare the products and we either pick them up ourselves or they are delivered to our location. And this goes quickly, very quickly! For example, some products ordered in the morning are with us within the hour! Once they arrive at our location, our QC Team gets to work!

Our QC Team

The ordered products have arrived. There can be several different products on a pallet so our staff first sort everything bu product. Meanwhile, the QC Team looks for the biggest risk products among them. They do this based on lots of training courses and years of experience.
When they start examining a product, several factors are considered. They look at overall quality, shape, colour, size, weight, temperature, taste, and of course for various possible defects! So nothing is overlooked.

Keep an eye on the quality

If the product is approved, it is placed into the warehouse. Of course, we take care of the right conditions when storing the fruits and vegetables. It either goes to a 2 degree cold room or to a 12 degree cold room.
To guarantee freshness we keep little stock.  Every morning our stock is checked for both numbers and quality to make sure our partners get what they have ordered. We do our utmost to ensure everyone around the world can enjoy good quality fruits and vegetables!

If you have any questions left regarding the these healthy produce, please contact me, Jan van den Berg, via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and I will help you!