Lettuce season is back! Have you ever looked beyond the normal lettuce varieties? Do you know the Oakleaf red, Lollo Rossa en Lollo Bionda for example? These varieties are unique and make a great combo with the culinary kitchen as a side dish, but also as a main dish / starter.

This week, these 3 delicious lettuce varieties take the spotlight!

  • Oakleaf red
  • Lollo Rossa
  • Lollo Bionda

Oakleaf red

Oakleaf red is often referred to as “Red salad bowl”. Oakleaf red is often called this, because the leaves look like the red American oak. The colourant in the leaves (anthocyanin), gives this lettuce a extraordinary taste; spicy, crunchy and a bit nutty. Are you a fan of soft lettuce? Then you will like this race for sure! The Oakleaf lettuce grows quickly and it provides a healthy crop.
Oakleaf red is seeded from half of April until half of August. It is very well mixable with other lettuce varieties and it is only eaten raw.

eikenbladsla rood

Lollo Bionda

Lolla Bionda is curly lettuce with bright green leaves which look appealing. Just like this lettuce variety, the plant does not form a head, but an opened leaf rosette with deeply cut tender leaves. This crunchy lettuce has a sweet taste and it fits well with meat, fish and roasted vegetables.

lollo bionda

Lolla Rossa

The Lolla Rossa is a real eyecatcher wit her loose, curly leaves and dark red edge. She has a mild taste and it is delicious in salads or with Italian dishes.

lollo rossa

What is the difference in taste?

The Oakleaf red has a spicy and slightly nutty taste with a crunchy texture. The taste of the leaves of the Lollo Rossa and Lollo Bionda however, is neutral. This is because of the loose head and the frizzy leaves. The Bionda tastes a bit sweeter than the Rosso.

  • Oakleaf Red is often eaten during diner, like with mushroom fritter on oakleaf red lettuce or in a chicory dish. And it is certainly used in salads.
  • Lollo Bionda is great to mix with a salad with blueberries or in a wrap.
  • Do not underestimate the Lollo Rossa, she is loaded with healthy nutrients. It contains beta-carotene which make sure your eyes keep working well. Bionda is also used in salads, garnish or with fruit and croutons.

Did you know we sell these 3 lettuce varieties in combos? Ask Jim for the possibilities.

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