This time no blog about fruit or vegetables, but a blog about customer satisfaction. A hot topic at BE Fresh. No company can exist without customers, so neither can we. But the degree to which your company is successful depends, among other things, on how happy the customer is.

Every day we work very hard to fulfil the wishes of our customers, most probably your company does exactly the same. But when is a customer happy, how do you keep a customer happy and how do you measure this? I did some research about this topic.

When is a customer happy?

What exactly is customer satisfaction? I found a definition of customer satisfaction on the internet:

Customer satisfaction is the feeling or attitude of the customer towards a product, a company or the service offered. Satisfaction is achieved when the customer's needs or expectations are met. This concerns the quality of the product, delivery delay and / or customer-friendliness of employees towards the customer.

When I read this definition a number of times, it does not really stimulate me. Particularly the phrase: Satisfaction is achieved the moment the customer's needs or expectations are met. It sounds so easy as if it is done afterwards and you can sit back.

I don't know how that works at your company, but here at BE Fresh we try to do it differently. It is our ‘every day battle’ to make customers happy and to even exceed their expectations. As far as I am concerned, customer satisfaction means: Exceeding expectations of customers with the quality of your product and service and the friendliness of the contact with the customer.

I read an article that I totally agree with. They say satisfied sounds like, “You did what you should have done, but no more than that. When someone else comes across the customer's path, with a better offer or price, the customer is gone in no time. The customer is satisfied, that's all. ” Instead of customer satisfaction, the focus should be on customer’s enthusiasm instead. The aim should be to score a minimum of 9 and you can only achieve this to surprise your customer constantly and make them enthusiastic by adding customer experience to their customer journey. At BE Fresh we will no longer use the word customer satisfaction from now on; customer enthusiasm it is!

How do you keep the customer happy?

More or less two factors has influence on customer satisfaction with your business:

  1. Exceed the expectations that customers have of you.
    How do these customer expectations arise?
    • Does your company keep its promises?
    • What were the customer's previous experiences with your company?
    • How do others talk about your services or products?
    • What kind of supplier is your customer looking for?

I would like to explain this a little further, because it is important that you do not all approach your customers in the same way. Every customer is unique and has different needs. This does not make it easy, but it does make it challenging and in the end it can make a difference in sales.

  1. Exceed the experiences of the customers.
    • What is it? What is the price-quality of the product or service? Does the customer get what is paid for?
    • How is the interaction between you / the company and the customer?
    • The combination between the price / quality / functioning and the interaction with your customer?

How to measure customer’s happiness?

There are many different ways to measure how enthusiastic your customers are about your company. Think of: customer satisfaction surveys, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Social Media Monitoring, Things Gone Wrong (TGW). Every measurement method has pros and cons.

We have chosen NPS to measure the enthusiasm of our customers. Why this method?

  • It is an internationally recognized measurement method, which is useful as we do business with companies from all over the world.
  • One simple question measures customer loyalty: How likely is it that you would recommend our organization to acquaintances, friends or colleagues?
  • We always ask an extra question about why the grade was given, which always provides us valuable and powerful information. With this feedback we can improve ourselves.
  • The NPS differentiates critics, passively satisfied customers and promoter. Research shows that Promoters are loyal customers who purchase more products or services and therefore generate more turnover and profit. In addition, they are often also a good ambassador for the company.
  • The question is straightforward and easy to compare with previous years.

We now have used the NPS for the third year in a row and we see a nice upward trend with even more participating customers. Can we now sit and lean back in our office chair? No absolutely not!! Every day we keep on striving to deliver the best quality fruit and vegetables, the best customer service and we want to continue to surprise our customers.

NPS score of BE Fresh

In March 2021, 52% of our customers participated in the BE Fresh NPS survey. We have thus achieved an NPS score of + 70%. The average in the Netherlands in 2020 is 12%.

For us, this is a result of which we are extremely happy and proud. We continue to work every day to maintain and improve this excellent figure. Below you will find a number of responses to the question: 'Why did you give this grade?'. This was the second and last question asked after the NPS grade was requested.


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