Did you know that there is a difference in early, medium early and late potato varieties? This indicates the number of growing days that the varieties need to grow into high-quality potatoes. The early to medium early varieties grow quickly, but have less yield in numbers. Late varieties take longer to grow, but the output is higher and also the shelf life is longer.

Supply all year round

The Agria potato belongs to the late potato variety. This means that it is possible to harvest approximately after 140 days. The main harvest takes place in September but in order to be able to deliver the same quality all year round some special Agria potato specialists are able to speed up the harvest due to the right soil, sprinkling and harvesting methods. In November, the last Agria crop is being harvested.

Care and quality

All potatoes are inspected by a specialized quality controller. The size varies from 35 mm to 100 mm diameter, but BE Fresh only works with the larger sizes between 65 and 100 mm diameter. Then the tubers are carefully washed, sorted and packed. The remaining potatoes are stored in a storage at about 7 degrees Celsius to make sure customer demand can be met all year round with the best quality.

Facts about the Agria potato

  • It is a relatively new variety that was developed around 1986 especially for French fries.
  • The Agria potato is the best potato to make fries because of its taste, crispness and beautiful baking colour.
  • This potato is easy to peel due to its oval shape and minor marks.
  • Because the potato is crumbly, it is also suitable for the stew.