We are in the middle of the asparagus season. After all these years, the green asparagus is still very popular and they even know how to get new customers interested in them. It is time to put the spotlight on the green asparagus, with an interview with our supplier from Peru.

Asparaguses are known and served for ages, but they only started being mass-produced since the 19th century. The green asparagus stands out in other markets because of this. It is also an ingredient which gets more and more important to use in fusion food. Fusion food is an event where two chefs from different cultures work together on a new meal, like Thai wok or asparagus risotto!

The growing process of the green asparagus 

The green asparaguses from our supplier in Peru are grown in Mexico and Peru. These cultivation countries need to have a climate with a temperature of 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. These countries chose to grow asparaguses because it adapt to the warm climate and the soil of Peru. Asparaguses are produced all year and customers love them, because it's a healthy vegetable and you can use it in a lot of meals.

The harvest can start after around 9 months. The asparaguses are manually harvested. This happens in the field which manages the crops, the irrigation, fertilization, nutrition, pest management and more. The people harvest with strict applications of agricultural practices. To guarantee the quality of the product and its shelf life, an optimal cold chain is used.

Than the products are going to the packinghouse, where they get washed, picked, packed and treated with hydrocooling to lower the temperature to 2 degrees Celsius, so the quality and specifications on all levels of the process are guaranteed. The monitoring of the cold chain from arrival to shipping is sent to the customers.

Are there more kinds of asparaguses, other than green one?

Yes! There are 3 kinds of asparaguses: green, white and purple. Green and white are the most popular. These 2 asparaguses are from the same variety, but they are harvested differently. The spike of the white asparagus is covered underneath the soil and the spike of the green asparagus is not covered. The green asparagus gets its colour because of photosynthesis.

The best combination with asparaguses! 

You can almost eat every part of an asparagus. Chefs use the top / bottom or the centre part of the asparagus the most. The bottom part is a bit fibrous, which is used a lot for cream.

Here are some recipes to inspire you!

You should try one or more out!

Some things about asparaguses you probably did not know before! 

Did you know that... 

  • ...asparaguses are good for your whole body? They contain a lot of vitamin E and minerals. The green asparagus contains the most, because they grow above the soil!

  • ...asparaguses contain almost no calories? Because of this, a natural runoff of toxic chemicals and excess salt , they are very good for your kidneys!

  • ...the longest asparagus grew up to 3.11 meters?

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