When I first heard the term 'by air' I didn't know what it meant. Looking back, it makes perfect sense and I am a big fan of these products. This made me curious about the concept of by air and what it involves. Are you also curious about this and which products we can supply by air? Then read on.

What exactly does Fruits by air mean?

If there is still a misunderstanding, I immediately want to clear it up. Fruit by air has nothing to do with a particular kind of fruit and is not a variety of a fruit. It is much simpler than that. It only has to do with the fact that the fruit in question arrives at its (final) destination by airplane after it's picked. This in itself isn't that special. Our work is no different than flying fruits and vegetables around the world. Still, that does not make our produce by air. So when is it a by air product?

To be a 'by air' product, the product must be fully ripened on the tree. Therefore, the fruit doesn't have a long shelf life, it must reach it's final destination quickly. So this will have to be by plane because by truck or boat would take too long. Then the fruits are already rotten or overripe. By plane they can be on the other side of the world in your supermarket 24 hours after picking. As is well known, non-by air produce are picked unripe and can spend a longer time on the road before they reach your supermarket. This affects the quality of the fruit.

So what makes the fruits special?

We prefer to eat as naturally as possible. By that we also mean as nature intended. So that also means that we should eat fruits only when they are actually ripe. Not the level of ripeness you achieve by picking a fruit early and letting it ripen on the fruit bowl, but the level you achieve when the fruit has been allowed to hang on the tree until the last moment.

That way, the fruit has been able to take in all the nutrients and continue to develop into a flavor bomb, as it should. So the by air fruit is special because we can't get much closer to ultimate ripeness than this. Unless we have a Mango tree in our backyard but I dare say most of us don't.

The fruit is much more ripe, flavorful, beautiful and therefore healthier. The fruit has had a chance to suck in all the nutrients and continue to develop. Exactly as nature intended. 

Why are these fruits so expensive?

Now this sounds like the ideal fruit and you would think why doesn't everyone order the by air fruits? Well, this could have several reasons, such as availability in season, but also the price. In fact, the by air fruits are also known to be significantly more expensive than the non-by air fruits. The fact that it's more expensive has several reasons:

  • The first obvious reason is that air freight is more difficult and expensive than via ship or truck.
  • Added to this is the fact that the yield of the by air fruits can be lower than when they are picked earlier. The fruit hangs on the tree longer and is therefore more vulnerable to external influence. Rot can occur earlier, insects can get hold of the fruit or the weather turns and damages the harvest. These are all risks and make the fruit more expensive.
  • In addition, all the labor and materials used to keep the fruit trees healthy must also be included in the price.

So you can imagine where the price difference comes from, but if you ask me, it's totally worth the price difference!

What can we fly to you? 

We deliver a number of different products by air. We definitely recommend you give these a try!

  • Mango - by air
  • Guava - by air
  • Papaya golden - by air
  • Pineapple - by air

Are you interested in any of these products or would you like to know more about them? If so, please contact me, Rick de Koning, via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and will help you!