Food swap is starting to become a trend, because if you are on a diet, rules can be frustrating. A lot of people want to eat healthier food, but all the food you want to eat might have a lot of calories, sugars or fat. Food swap is a way to eat everything you want to eat, but the only thing you have to do is swap some ingredients. I did some research and I found some good examples on which ingredients you can swap with others. Are you curious? Please, read along.

Food swap makes you eat more vegetables and fruit, which is food with low calories and richer in fibre as well. A lot of people think losing weight is the main goal, but the goal doesn’t matter. With food swap, you improve your athletic performances and health overall.

Food swap examples

You can see good examples of food swap in this image, which ingredient is best to swap with the regular ingredient?

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Tips during eating

  • Open your lunch, then eat it
    Sometimes that second piece of bread is unnecessary. You could try eating that piece with a fork and a knife to eat slower. This way, you will find out more quickly if you are full or not.
  • Season your eggs
    Putting cheese on your eggs increases the calorie amount. Try to get lower calorie rates by putting some hot sauce, bagel seasoning or cut chive on your eggs.
  • Go nuts!
    Pistachio nuts are a great snack: peeling them takes a long time, so you won’t eat as much pistachio nuts as you would eat walnuts. Pistachio nuts also contain less calories.
  • Eat fresh fruit
    Fresh fruit contains natural sweetness and ensures texture.
  • Take red, not white
    White sauces are usually loaded with cream, butter, cheese and bad oils. Red sauces on the other hand, are filled with vegetables and a lot less sugar and calories.

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The best thing you can do is...

Approach this process step-by-step. It is more efficient to add some nutritious food to your current meals, in stead of only eating salads. You will be able to follow your routine longer by enhancing healthy eating habits.
In addition to the routine, make sure you get enough sleep and that you handle your stress efficiently. By making healthier choices in your food routine, you will make more progress regarding your goals. But do it step-by-step, don’t go all in at the start!


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