This week we visited our Asparagus-partner Teboza in the south of the Netherlands. They took us to Erwin, one of their growers. He showed us his way of growing this amazing vegetable! Erwin grows his Asparagus in a special way that not many growers do. This way he has the first field Asparagus! Curous about his special technique? Watch the video!

The first field Asparagus

Erwin grows his Asparagus in large inflatable tubes. He heats the ground with warm water. This way the Asparagus think it's spring already and start growing. At the moment the first Asparagus are ready to be picked. The production starts slowly but should increase the following weeks. Thanks to Erwin and his very special way of growing we can offer you the first field Asparagus!

Not without a risk

This way of growing has a big advantage compared to the normal field Asparagus. They are earlier in season so we get to enjoy them longer.
But this growing technique is not without a risk. The plastic tubes are can't handle strong and heavy weather. When there is a lot of wind, they can rip and tear open. This can damage the field. Erwin always has to keep an eye on the weather and the tubes to keep his Asparagus safe. That's why he is only one in 6 growers in the Netherlands that grows with this technique!

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We have picked the very first field Asparagus! We have picked the very first field Asparagus! We have picked the very first field Asparagus!