A lot is happening in the world. This brings difficulties for many people. There is inflation, but also extreme weather conditions. This also influences the production of fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, our growers stay positive. They use their knowledge and creativity so they can keep producing high quality produce. We keep in contact with our growers so we can keep providing you with the produce you need! To get a better idea of what exactly is happening, we visited Bert Doelman, our zucchini grower.


What is exactly happening?

The situation is very different for many growers. We're facing inflation, high gas prices and extreme weather conditions. All these world problems effects growing and producing fruits and vegetables. Especially in the fall/winter season where normally the greenhouse is being heated, this is no longer profitable for the growers. The costs simply no longer outweigh the benefits.
The impact of these difficulties is different among the growers and product groups. This is because there are a couple of variables that affect growers and production: 
  • First, it depends on the product that is cultivated and how much heating is required in the greenhouse for that product. Tomatoes require a lot of warmth so become more expensive to grow. Other products such as Bert's zucchini also require heat, but less than tomatoes. Growers abroad are also experiencing problems with this. We received messages from growers in Spain who have stated that they will not be heating there. Despite the warmer climate in Spain, it is also necessary to heat in the winter for optimal cultivation. However, it is also too expensive for these growers to do so.
  • Secondly, the weather has an influence. So far in the Netherlands we had reasonably warm weather for the time of year. This also makes a significant difference in heating costs. However, the temperature is expected to drop below 10 degrees more often now and then the costs will rise again. In addition, we also have shorter days in the Netherlands. Light is very important for cultivation and we have less light per day which slows down cultivation.For growers in Spain, the weather at the beginning of the season was not so good. They also grow outdoors. Due to heavy rains, part of this outdoor cultivation has been lost.
  • Third, it depends on the contracts that growers have. There are growers who have a fixed price agreement for the coming years regarding gas and electricity. These are therefore not yet affected by the large increases. Others, on the other hand, do not have these agreements, so they are now facing higher costs.

These are all different factors that affect the availability of some of our high quality products.

The transition to the Spanish season

The season in the Netherlands is now coming to an end. This means that the greenhouses here are beginning to empty and they are preparing for the new season next year. This is no different than other years. Therefore, many growers have been able to deliver as they normally do. One difference is going to be that many growers are going to start the new season later. For example, Bert is also going to start producing his zucchini about 2 months later.

The Spanish season has also started. Fortunately, we can always get high quality produce from here as well. We're in close contact with the local growers! That way still are able to provide you the products you need.
If a certain product won't be available anymore we will by looking for alternatives.

Creativity and innovation

This is not the first time growers have faced difficulties like this. They have always been creative and innovative in finding solutions. For example, Bert has taken several steps to grow more sustainable. This allowed him to reduce costs.
There are more examples of growers who took steps to continue their passion: Producing the highest quality produce.

The greatest innovations and developments are born in difficult times, and that is the positive message to remember in these times!

If you have any questions left regarding the availability of products, please contact me, Jorran van der Meijs, via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and I will help you!