If I ask you what you think is of more importance: the size or the taste of the cherry? I'm 99.9% sure you're choosing flavour over size. Nevertheless, in the world of cherries, purchase is mainly based on the sizes of the cherry. Strange right? That is also what Roeland Hakkert of Megakers thinks. I spoke to him and learned a lot more interesting information and innovations.

Roeland also asked the same question during a survey among approximately 4,000 consumers. Not one respondent valued the cherry diameter more important than the taste. What is the reason the cherry trade mainly talks about the size of the cherries? This has to do with the weight and therefore the price of the cherries. According to Roeland it is time to look at the real wishes of the consumer and that is the taste of cherries!

The best of the best cherries

Every day at 4:30 AM Roeland is in his cherry orchards to taste, feel and see where the perfect, sweet cherries are present to be picked that day. The taste experience of the cherry is the main reason for the existence of this small company. Because of this cultivation method they pick cherries from every tree about 3 to 5 times. The tree is not plucked empty at one time, as most of companies does. That implies a lot more working hours than other more conventional companies. The firmness and sugar levels are checked every day. This cherries have an excellent taste because of the balanced procedure of fertilizing and daily watering. Most people assume that only the sun makes the sugars in cherries, but in addition to sun, a cherry also needs nutrition to grow and get the right taste. With the expertise of Roeland and his team, they adjust the natural growth process of the cherry in an exact, natural way.


Megakers.nl grow more than 30 kinds of cherries. Not all of these cherries are suitable for export. Only the best kind of cherries are put in the special cherry box and receive special treatment. Within an hour of harvesting, the cherries are plunged into running ice water. A special developed belt allows the ripe cherries to remain in the ice water for a maximum of 5 minutes. When the pit has cooled down to 1 degree, the cherry stops ripening. This keeps the skin of the cherry firm for a longer period and the stem green for longer.

The special cherry box has been developed to display the finest cherries. In this box there are 5 rows of 6 cherries. This box is specially made for cooling, air transport and is moisture-proof. Only cherries with a size of 29 to 32 mm are put in these boxes. The weight of one box is about 500 – 540 grams. The shelf life of these cherries is about 7 to 9 days when chilled.

These healthy and perfect cherry bonbons are ideal for special occasions or as a unique gift.

The care and attention given to these cherries can be seen on the outside and especially tasted on the inside. Only for an excellent taste experience!

Tip of the Day!

Don't ask about the size of the cherries anymore, but mainly about the taste and brix. This is the only way to keep your customers really satisfied!


Additional Information
Our company is controlled by Global Gap (no 4049929706330) and of course certified. We take part in a monitoring system what means that every moment of our production we can be controlled by an official agency. This agency takes tests of cherries and leaves to control in a laboratory if no illegal pesticides are in our product.

We can use a minimum of allowed pesticide because our orchards are, after blossom till end of production, covered with a special construction. The sides are shut with an insect-repellent cloth. The biggest advantage of this system is that the weather has no effect on our production.


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Don't look at the size of the cherry