The consumer, and so do we because we are all consumers;), love sweet tomatoes. Do you recognize that? You think you have picked the best tomatoes from the shelf, but once you have taken the first bite, the taste is disappointing. You've got your teeth into a bland and tasteless tomato. Yucky! Is there such a thing as a guarantee for sweet tomatoes?

Brix value of tomato
You can’t argue about taste, but as you may know the brix value indicates how much sugar a fruit contains and this is expressed in degrees. The higher the brix value, the sweeter and tastier the tomato. It is a correct, but static way to measure the sweetness of fruits and vegetables.

Taste of tomatoes
There is also another way to determine the sweetness. Taste panels. Those taste panels assessing tomatoes on a number of characteristics such as smell, aroma, firmness, juice, mealyness, skin texture, acids and sugars. For example, taste is assessed by examining the balance of sugar and total tritratable acids. Below you can see a table in which the ratio between the acid and sugar content determines the taste.

It exists! A guarantee for sweet tomatoes
Honeytomatoes®s are also tested with a taste panel. Every week the tomatoes are checked by a taste panel of 20 people. Taste is assessed on several characteristics. If the batch of tomatoes does not meet the taste, they are not sold as Honeytomatoes®.

The Honeytomatoes® originate from the Piccolo variety; a cherry tomato. A lot of attention is paid to the care of the tomato plant in order to be able to deliver the best quality.

  • Bumblebees pollinate all the flowers, which then transform into beautiful clusters of tomatoes.
  • Every week leaves are removed from the plant, so that the tomatoes absorb sufficient sunlight and the air around the plant circulates optimally.
  • The side shoots are removed from the plant, so that all energy goes to the main stem, so more flavour goes to the tomato.
  • The Honeytomatoes® are harvested with a colour guide. Only when the tomato on the bottom has a slight red colour, the other Honeytomatoes® are fully grown and harvested by hand.
  • Every tomato is undertaken to a strict inspection. Only about a quarter of the harvest receives the honorary title Honeytomatoes®.

The Honeytomatoes® are guaranteed to have a minimum value. So are you looking for sweet tomatoes? Then you are definitely sure with the Honeytomatoes®
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Do you want to be sure of sweet tomato? Do you want to be sure of sweet tomato? Do you want to be sure of sweet tomato?