Avojoy is one of our local partners. They focus entirely on providing premium avocados. It is a young and ambitious company and constantly expanding it's position in the world of fruits and vegetables. Their business concept succeeds by maintaining good relationships and with an innovative way of working. They do this intentionally ''slowly'' and step by step to ensure that they remain flexible and maintain the highest quality possible. A way of approach which fits well with BE Fresh

How to be special in the market of avocados

The founding of Avojoy began with Carel van Krimpen. Carel saw opportunities in the market of avocados and thought that there was a lot of room for improvement in personal service. In addition, he came up with flexible ripening of the Avocados. By keeping the lines of communication short with producers, efficient trading could be done. This is a lot more sustainable and fits well with the needs of customers. Carel knew he could make this concept a success, but he needed the right established partners to do so. He succeeded in developing partnerships with K. van der Spijk en Zn., Westfalia and Eurowest. As a result, a stable base had been created. Direct contact with the growers is possible thanks to the cooperation with Westfalia. Naturally, this benefits the quality of the avocado and ensures the possibility to move quickly between the relevant parties. Flexibility is important to be able to offer a great service. This is how the concept Carel had in mind became reality and Avojoy was born!

Despite the high quality, it remains difficult to enter the market. ‘You have to convince customers of your product and service, but in addition, in order to be successful, these customers must convince their customers too," according to Carel. To do this, you not only have to come up with a good story, but also deliver on your promises. This takes time, but Avojoy succeeded!

Partnership with Westfalia

The fact that the lines are short is obvious. After all, the avocados come from Westfalia. Westfalia has several growers around the world. This way, Avojoy can be in direct contact with the growers to assess the quality from the source. With local ripening cells it is also possible for Avojoy to do a quality check themselves and keep an eye on the ripening process. Furthermore, with ripening cells in the Netherlands, it is possible for Avojoy to do its own quality checks and monitor the ripening process.

Innovation for the benefit of the costumer

Avojoy operates in an innovative and sustainable manner. In the field of packaging, they produce innovative options for both retail and customers. The packaging is designed to minimize waste and make transportation easier and safer. A good example is the egg carton packaging which responds perfectly to customer demands. This is a special developed box, which ensures that the avocados are well protected. As a result, they arrive at the customer in a perfect condition, with no butspots or pinch marks. By paying close attention to market trends and customer demands, Avojoy can stay ahead of the competition.

'No' Will never be the answer

With the good relations and partnerships Avojoy has, there are plenty of opportunities. When a client has a specific request, Avojoy explores possibilities, and a way will be found to meet the customer's desire. Whether this is in terms of specific sizes of avocados or in terms of packaging, ‘No’ will never be the answer. The great service, passion and flexibility are typical for Avojoy and this way of working exactly fits the philosophy of BE Fresh. That's why we are very happy with a partner like Avojoy, who likes to think along with the end customer.

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Avojoy: A flexibel company with the highest quality avocado Avojoy: A flexibel company with the highest quality avocado Avojoy: A flexibel company with the highest quality avocado