You love them or you hate them, mushrooms. Please continue reading when you always have a box of white mushrooms in your shopping cart. Do you not like mushrooms? Please continue reading too, because there is a very tasteful world full of mushrooms that you probably didn't know about.

Is the mushroom a type of vegetable?

You can find mushrooms in the vegetable department in the supermarket, but a mushroom actually is not a plant or an animal, but a fungus. So in fact the mushroom is the fruit of a fungus, like a pear is the fruit form the pear tree. Only the fungus is not visible from the mushroom.

Discover the world of wild mushrooms

You are probably aware that there are many edible types of mushrooms. The white mushroom is the most famous mushroom among consumers, although this is not a wild but cultivated type. But are you already familiar with the world of wild forest mushrooms? They are real seasonings that make your dishes a really tasty party.

Unique seasonings

In different parts of the world, climate conditions are favourable only at certain times of the year, allowing certain types of wild mushrooms to grow. Think of the forests in Russia, Lithuania, Hungary and Latvia. As the wild mushrooms are so weather dependent and cannot be cultivated, these forest mushrooms are limited available and therefore unique. Wild mushrooms are mainly hand-picked and then trimmed to get rid of soil.

The big five

The ideal conditions for wild mushrooms are a relatively high temperature, morning dew and a moist soil due to rain. The forest defines the circumstances. A wild mushroom grows already well on water that contains important nutrients.
There are 15 different types of edible wild mushrooms. Although no guarantees can be given about deliveries, there is a calendar from which it can be determined when the wild mushrooms should be available. The big five are the most popular forest mushrooms:

  • Girolle. This grows in various countries such as Russia, Belarus and America and should be available all year round.
  • Chanterelles gray and yellow both come from France, Sweden and the Balkans
  • Pied de Mouton
  • Black Trumpet

Taste, experience and enjoy!

The taste of mushrooms is very diverse. The chanterelle has a peppery flavour and scents like apricots. The Pied de Mouton is a firm mushroom with a mild flavour. Actually, you can best prepare all forest mushrooms by frying them with some salt and pepper. Treat the mushrooms in the right way, leave them alone as much as possible, then wash and if necessary remove adhering dirt with a brush or a piece of kitchen paper. Grab a wild mushroom variety from the shelf instead of the standard white mushroom and experience the wonderful aroma and fantastic taste in your own kitchen.