Every month we provide you an update of the situation in the fresh produce market. Read more below about week 21 to 24.

This information is purely informative and partly also dependent on various external factors. The information provided is not legally binding.


 Product  Availabilty
 Strawberries   All different varieties colored strawberries are available again
 Colored cauliflower  Colored cauliflower is available again – but limited
 Avocados                              Zutano and Fuerte are in green skin avocados available
 Strawberries  The Holland Strawberry has started
 Blackberries  Are available from NL and Portugal –
 NL good quality / Portugal with some red cells
 Blueberries  Some Moroccan are getting better available
 Abricots  Have a good availability –
 Ask your contact person for a competitive price!
 Green asparagus  Very nice and fresh green asparagus available from Spain
 Artichokes  French artichokes are available again!
 Cabbage  It is waiting on the French cabbage season. Will start soon!
 White asparagus  White asparagus have a good availability and a competitive price
 Baby leaves

 Have a good availability

 Tomatoes   All Tomatoes have a competitive price! Ask your partner for a good price!
 Nuts  We are working on a wider assortment on nuts



 Product  Difficulties
 Cauliflower           Cauliflower is gapping – waiting for summer crop
 Limes  Limes are in changing season – (Mexico / Brazil)
 Hass avocados  Hass avocados are getting more competitive in price (Peru and Colombia)
 Mango  Mango are switching seasons – now Ivory Coast – Senegal will start soon
 Cherimoya  Cherimoya season has been finished
 Plums  Plums are in the last part of the season from Chile –
 Waiting on the Spanish to start
 Peaches  Peaches are difficult in availability.
 Grapes  Grapes white seedless are difficult in availability
 Baby Vegetables  Baby Vegetables are difficult in availability, but demand is small as well
 Baby pattypan  Only baby pattypan is not available
 Exotics fruit  Exotic fruits and vegetables are difficult in availability; demand is low
 Ready to eat avocados   Ready to eat avocados are difficult in availability – especially size 16
 French potatoes   French potatoes are at the end of the season –
 Waiting on new harvest – expected in June
 Fennel   Fennel are difficult in availability